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The only competitive escape room game in Romania!


You are recognized worldwide as one of the most efficient and lethal professional assassin, and it is this reputation that has recently earned you an extremely lucrative contract.

Your new target is Jean Baptiste, an eccentric and slightly unstable painter who - for confidential reasons - has proven to be a thorn in the side of many influential politicians.

Baptiste is preparing for the opening of his latest collection, and the event is the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the attendees and eliminate the target.

But your mission won't be easy at all: security measures prevent you from sneaking in any kind of weapon, the place is crawling with potential eyewitnesses, and the chances of covering your tracks are very slim.

Moreover, reliable sources have warned you that you are not the only assassin who has received this mission…

You only have 90 minutes, but the same applies to your biggest rival…

Will you be able to complete the mission in time and thwart any sabotage attempts by your rival?

90 min

4-16 people

Competition Game

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