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​Parties and events may benefit from preferential rates, other than those mentioned in the Prices page.

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Corporate Parties / Team Buildings

Do you want to organize a CORPORATE PARTY where everyone will have fun? Are you planning a team-building with an original theme, where all team members can enjoy a unique experience? We are waiting for you in the Challenge Room where a dangerous and mysterious mission awaits you, where the level of adrenaline increases with every step. Communicate as well and efficiently as possible, use your logic and critical thinking, take responsibility for strategy and teamwork by choosing the "Fair-Play" mode, or take risks and surprise your opponents by opting for the "Sabotage" mode.

Our 2 games allow team members to get involved, work together on the common goal under time pressure and also gives the company a chance to see the contribution of each member. It will be like a fun exercise through which they will have to use intuition, logic, very good communication, attention to details, organization, they will have to solve the obstacles encountered quickly and efficiently. All this will train the motivation to succeed together, regardless of the particularities of each of the team members.

We are at your disposal for the organization of CORPORATE PARTIES or team-building events, through which you can create unique and memorable experiences for your clients or colleagues.

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Is the birthday of the smallest and nicest member of the family coming up? Or maybe you want to organize a party for teenagers, already bored of the classic places?

Mysterium offers you the possibility of organizing unique birthday parties for children and/or memorable parties for teenagers. Games specially designed for such unique moments for both parents, children and their friends, guarantee an unforgettable experience that combines the Escape Room part, very popular among young people, with strategy games and interactive theater.

Thus, both children and teenagers will benefit from games adapted to their age, which will test their logical thinking, the ability to improvise, the ability to work in a team and communicate, all in a fun, dynamic and full of surprises at every step.

Each game benefits from the full attention of a specialized Game Master, experienced in the pedagogical field, part of the story, who will ensure the smooth running of the game. So, if you want to organize a really special birthday party, you can contact us at the e-mail address, and we will send you the complete presentation of the games and the options of serving food or cake. Adult parties/ hen party/ bachelor party.

If you are planning a birthday party for adults or a party for children/adolescents between 9 and 16 years old, Challenge Rooms are the perfect place to organize a unique, memorable and fun party. Our games are designed to be able to be adapted from a classic escape room into one for children/adolescents, while they still enjoy the fun, the challenge and the energy that the game room offers.

Marriage proposals

Apparently you're going with your loved one to try a new activity, like an escape room game. In fact, the ring is hiding among the clues, a bouquet of flowers is waiting at the exit, and someone is ready to film the moment.

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