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From May 20, Arsene Lupin is looking for a new hiding place in Bucharest. Keep in touch!
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Sotheby's - the most famous auction house in the world - has just announced the sale of one of the most famous and priceless jewels in the world: the Faberge egg of Tsar Alexander the III of Russia, for a staggering €2 million. The value of the gem these days is hard to estimate, which is why the auction house expects it to reach an absolutely colossal sum.

An event of such magnitude could never have gone unnoticed by the famous Arsene Lupin - the most famous thief of all time - especially since the auction will take place in his hometown: Paris.

Determined to get his hands on the priceless specimen, but under constant surveillance by the National Gendarmerie, Arsene decides to call for your help. Your reputation as a professional thief precedes you, but a heist of this magnitude will require a lot of daring, intelligence and speed. The plan and details of the theft have already been set up by Arsene, but the police are on his trail. Unable to take any chances, Arsene left all your instructions in the form of clues and encrypted messages, and prepared all the necessary tools for you in a secret location.

Will you be able to make the famous Arsene Lupin proud or will this be your last heist?

75 min

2-7 people

Romanian and English

Escape Room Game

95% automated

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