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After 6 years of uninterrupted activity in the field of Escape Room games and over 100 rooms played both in the country and abroad, the natural step was to open our own Escape Room, and Ploiești is the starting point of this ambitious plan. MYSTERIUM is the sum of hundreds of hours spent with the most curious, passionate and adventurous people, thousands of kilometers traveled in search of the most amazing Escape Rooms, and dozens of hours spent creating and writing captivating stories for all ages that will spark interest to the curious, to test the bravest and initiate future great detectives.


The Mysterium brand games offer you a journey away from the ordinary world, which you know so well, the destination being a magical land, located right in the heart of Ploiești, where the improbable becomes probable, where imagination intersects with reality and where passion finds its favourite place to play. Whether you are a devourer of detective novels, eager to find the solution before the great detectives, a history buff, eager to live even just for a few minutes in the most distant yet fascinating eras long gone, or a fearless adventurer ready to explore the most dark and scary mysteries, our Escape Room games come to give you the ideal context in which to show the whole world what you're capable of!


Of course, and if you are a born competitor, always eager to compete with your best friends in the most fun and friendly (or not?) competitions, the Mysterium team has prepared some of the most pleasant surprises for you.


And how could we forget the smallest of us, our daily joy. Thus, for the nicest of our customers, we have prepared, in the Mysterium house in Ploiești, a special space where they can have fun with their best friends, in a format full of mystery, magic and a lot of things that the little ones will be eager to discover them.


All of this came to life and shape thanks to our passion and interest in Escape Room games, being first and foremost gamers and curious people, eager for new, interesting and interactive experiences.

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