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The biggest Escape Room in Romania. Over 100 m²


"The road to paradise begins in hell" is written on a rusty and ominous plaque that barely hangs on the wall of the Hotel. Reason tells you to get away, even if it means going back into the storm you just escaped from, but the door behind you refuses to open. You are now the new guest of the infamous Hotel Inferno, where the price paid may be higher than you expect.

Today you will face one of the biggest and scariest challenges of your life...

You will stay at Hotel Inferno, the establishment belonging to the serial killer the FBI has been hunting for years. Known by the nickname CHARON, the criminal believes himself to be a vigilante whose goal is to catch and kill all sinners. Once checked into his hotel, you have 90 minutes to try to escape alive. And remember…. You will not be safe even for a moment!

Days with actors - LIVE SESSION:
*for a smooth gameplay and a good experience for all players, we recommend groups of 4-8 people

90 min

minimum 14 years old

(accompanied by 2 adults)

 2-10 people

Escape Room Game

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